Self-defense expert Tracie Arlington breaks down everything your daughter needs to know about how to avoid and/or deal with sexual assault at college. Click on the YouTube link below to watch my interview with her…

If your daughter went off to college this fall, do you know how to teach her to stay safe? Have you discussed campus safety and potential sexual assault scenarios with her? It’s not easy, is it? But consider the facts: 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted during their college experience.

Nationally certified self-defense expert Tracie Arlington reveals other must-know campus sexual assault info and stats, and real-life horror stories in my interview with her above. But most importantly, Tracie tells how you can equip and empower your daughter with essential safety advice, while keeping her positive about this huge and exciting adventure in her life.

Our interview mostly focuses on young women but campus sexual assault also happens to boys, of course, and much of the information in the interview is helpful for moms of boys.

Tracie is the founder of Play It Safe Defense and has appeared on Dr. Phil twice. Check out her website for upcoming classes in July and August. As a woman and a mom, myself, I believe Tracie’s work is vitally important, and her knowledge, energy and passion for empowering women makes me honored to help spread the word. My daughters and I have all taken classes with her and they are amazing!

In our interview, Tracie talks about:

  • The top 5 reasons and weapons predators use to select and prey on victims – and how alcohol is a clear winner.
  • The ‘Red Zone’ – the period between mid August and November, which is when the majority of campus sexual assaults occur.
  • The importance of knowing who your teen’s ‘Title 9’ coordinator is and how they’re there to help protect your student if sexual assault occurs.
  • The importance of the ‘Yes Means Yes’ law, which is all about consent. It recently changed though and your teen MUST know about this.
  • Why it’s safer to call the local police if your daughter is sexually assaulted first, even though students are told to call the campus police first.
  • The most important everyday self-defense items your daughter should always have with her to help evade an attack.
  • The essential phone apps that can help keep her safe at college. Read a list here.
  • The difference between date rape and acquaintance rape.
  • Red flags when dating at college.
  •  The most effective ‘disabling’ areas on the body that your daughter needs to know to stop an attacker (they probably won’t be what you assume). Tracie shows you where and how to strike during an attack.
  • And finally, why it’s so important to get your daughter informed and trained BEFORE she leaves for college.

Personal Protection Products recommended by Tracie:

Other Resources:

Tracie made two videos for the College Campus Safety campaign, which are ideal to watch with your daughter. Check out Tracie’s informative talk with college student, Ally, here.

Her other video (here) covers boundaries and confidence advice for your daughter with some great examples, again with Ally.

Watch how Tracie teaches her students must-know self defense moves here and here, including how to get out of a chokehold during sexual assault.

Tracie highly recommends watching The Hunting Ground with your daughter before she sets off for college. The documentary is all about the college rape culture and how the college law enforcement doesn’t address it how you think they would.